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Our teams have served market-leading institutions as well as hospitals embarking on large-scale performance transformations.

Provider Services

Hospital authorities face many basic business challenges like improving customer satisfaction, containing costs, managing complex supply chains, and attracting and retaining top-notch talent. Yet the human consequences of their work, as well as ongoing healthcare reform measures and changing delivery models, make their roles more complex.

We at Aptiva Corp, bring global healthcare expertise, operational and analytical skills to help executives meet these challenges.

Bringing Reforms in Global Healthcare

Our technology consultants call upon a variety of proven tools and approaches using dashboards and program management tools to allow hospital executives to monitor and manage operations against standardized performance indicators and to better engage staff and clinicians.

We help hospitals implement strategies, operating models, and organizational enhancements that sustain improvements in quality of care and boost cost effectiveness.

Payor Services

With substantial experience across the entire value chain, we work on redesigning care delivery and funding, and we invest in taking an informed point of view on the future of healthcare.

We help clients understand healthcare reform, evolving consumer preferences and demographic changes. We bring proprietary research on the attitudes of healthcare consumers and employers, proprietary modeling of the healthcare economy, and bespoke market and consumer research.

With detailed modeling at the geographic and demographic micro-segment level, we help clients develop a strategy for success in a post-reform market.

We evaluate performance and work with clients to set strategic positioning for business areas, including individual, small group, large national, and government lines of business. We also explore the implications of payor reform for systems and identify innovative opportunities they can pursue.

ICD Implementation

Your preparation for ICD-10 implementation can’t wait. Your success with this transition is up to you. A common misconception is that your vendors can handle it for you. This is absolutely not true. Although vendors, health plans, and other partners have their steps to take in this process and play a part in the practice’s preparation, you still have work to do in order to transition to ICD-10.

A gap analysis is an effective tool that can be used to assess where you are on the road to transition, what obstacles are in your way, and what you need to do to overcome them to achieve your goal of successful ICD-10 implementation.

Our consultants help clients in the gap analysis to assess their strengths (staff, education, software, etc.), and weaknesses (skill sets, new code sets, etc.), the opportunities available (boot camps, online training, chapter meetings, etc.), and the obstacles that way slow down the progress.

Our ICD-10 champions offer a real solution to clients every day struggling with guidance on how not only to use the codes but also the documentation paths needed to insure we meet the specificity requirements of the procedure or clinical condition.

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