Our professional Industry practice delivers an unprecedented
combination of innovation and diverse perspectives
across the global services industry.

Transformation in various industries!

Aptiva Corp facilitate the application of scientific and technological innovations to achieve tangible outcomes across various industries globally. Our customers depend on our data & information trends across various industries.

Public Sector

Aptiva Corp has a positive history contributing to the public sector industry through innovative policy approaches, efficient strategies and operating models.


The entire BFSI sector going through the digital transformation and bringing up innovative products & new ways of marketing & customer service.


Our teams have served market-leading institutions as well as hospitals embarking on large-scale performance transformations.


Our one stop integration services empower retailers to seamlessly incorporate the online and offline world to deliver a complete customer experience.


Aptiva Corp has a reputation for assisting clients to conceptualize, build, deploy and support world-class technology solutions.

Travel & Hospitality

The industry is continuously expanding and it needs to be managed to meet the ever-growing challenges by improving customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and processes.

Meida & Entertainment

Aptiva Corp brings about the finest practices and solutions that suits specific models of the industry for delivering enhanced solutions.

Transportation & Logistics

One-stop solution to optimize your transportation, distribution and warehousing processes with our integrated solution.

Enterprise Software

Software has become an important than ever major ingredient to value creation in the digital era.

Emerging - Airlines & Utilities

Our solutions are customized to meet the requirements of your industry and drive your specific organization goals.